May 14, 2006

Thoughts on BlogHer, Qumana, and Flying West

Fly away, yeah, ride the sky away,
Kingdom come tonight.
Mighty day, yeah the stone rolls away,
Chains will melt in the light.

They will tell you your wings have lost the power of flight,
Flew too close to the sun, fell back into the night.
But if we open our eyes, we can open our wings
Hey, and sail out of sight.

Higher and higher, goin' straight for the light.
Feel the fire, or you'll feel the fright.
Hey tonight, fly away tonight.
Fly away tonight.

--Fly Away, John Perry Barlow with Bob Weir


Looks like I'm GOIN' TO BLOGHER, BABY, courtesy of the generosity of our clued Canadian friends at Qumana, who've sponsored Jenna and I to make the trip. WAAAAHOOOO!

DO you know how many people are going to be there that I've been wanting to meet for-like-ever? DO you also know Dave Winer will be there as well? Not to mention, I finally get to verify for all of my co-Easterners who, like me, may not have ever ventured west of Texas, that there IS indeed gold in them there hills--and a left coast after all.

Jenna's like, "Will I meet RAVEN?!"

I'm like, "I DONNO!"

My friend Phyllis lives near San Jose (in San something I think) and I have never met her beautiful daughter in person. Only in her belly. WOW! And she has a bird named Birdie, and every morning Birdie says: "I'm a Birdie.?."

And I've always wanted to hear him wonder.

HOW ROCKING COOL is this? Holy shit. You all better come now. Else I'll feel all weird and homesick. I'd hate for you to be responsible for that.

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