May 18, 2006

It's a Good Things the Native Americans Didn't Make US Assimilate, huh?

Even Elaine has slipped off the blue slope on the immigration issue. I'm stunned, and I'm attributing it to the stress of her recent move. Either that, or Elaine has jumped the shark.

And she's not alone. If I hear one more talk show, radio show, news show, friend or blogger bemoaning the plight of "our ancestors" who hung on to ship rails, pieces of floating lumber, donkey's tails and half-eaten skidoos to get to the promised land, using the "we" "we "we" voice regarding that universal experience, without even HINTING at a few details of how some other now-Americans got to this land, I'm going to have to tape the blood vessels back into my head.

Number one, your ancestors weren't the first ones here and no one saw their asses assimilating to the customs and language of the Cherokee; and number two, a very large and distinct portion of America's ancestry is made up of people who were bought, chained, flogged, and shipped here, where they were sold, chained, and put to work to build this-land-is-your-land without pay in slavery. Assimilate THAT.

To put it a little more clearly, we gots us a history with brown skinned folks a goin' way back.

NOW, the two facts above may have little to do with the immigration issues at hand and in the headlines. But they have a ton to do with many of the stupidest arguments I am hearing, day after day, from  intelligent people about why Bush is right, as they mistake politics for reality.

I'm not saying I know how to fix it, but when it comes to discussing the topic, I expect more out of smart people.

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