May 16, 2006

Stop Making My Email Act Like A Damn Forum

why bother. if i'm not going to rant here, then where?

The truth is, none of this makes sense offline. And shit-little makes sense online--or increasingly so.

I can't stand outside with my across-the-fence neighbor and say, "How about fucking gmail? It's pissing me off. I don't want email that acts like a forum; I like email acts like goddam email, one message at a time, not all tied together pretending to be a conversation when for chrise-sake, it's EMAIL. If I want a phone call, I'll MAKE ONE."

Because he's nice enough for a neighbor, but he assembles fighter jets at Lockheed and I'm pretty sure he's on AOL.

Which brings me to you: What's up with gmail's chat/conversation/flowy/gooey/i-missed-your-email- everyone/freaked-out approach to organizing mail by threads. I hate it. I like dates, times, and when i want to, maximum sorting capability. I want email. That's "E" plus "Mail."

So, I'm assuming there's an Outlook-like Gmail Classic format that I'm missing a link to somewhere? A little button I can click to take the power of gmail an make it look like Outlook? Someone tell me where before i miss some reply from you to some very important email bumped down the food chain into WTF-land.

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