May 14, 2006

daughter song

if i could i would i swear i would
move the moon i've tried to, you know
move the sun inside to keep you warm,
i swear i would if i could bring the sky
so low it would cradle you,
wipe tears from your eyes with the clouds,
i swear i would if i could sew seams
from lengths of hair build a fine fashioned chair
for you to sit on, relieve your back,
if i could i would god knows
knock a nail with a hammer to build a cart
to take you here and there,
save your feet and aged knees,
if you please, if i could i swear i would
turn the roads from hilly to flat so you
would not bounce like that along the way
and i swear if i could i would
fix every little thing with a handwritten letter
make it all better, make you believe i love you
always will, and i would that you could know
with words already spoken so many times ago.

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