January 28, 2004


well shit i see google page ranking has behaved just like a corporate massa by knocking me back down to 6/10 from 7/10 today. Kid's got strep, I'm all a feverish, been busy with suppositories and pills. Ain't it just like b'ness to kick ya when you're down. Mofos.

No worry, I'll be back.

[[You do know, by now, I know you do, that despite my knowing that this means nothing, I enjoy writinng countless rambling posts regarding my google page rank, which to half of those reading means nothing, because it only shows up if you have the google toolbar, and I'm fairly certain from previous comments not everyone does. But to me, it's my double-sworded sabre-toothed nemesis.

let me have my fun, will you?

off to wallow now.]]