February 06, 2004

Budgets Approved, Check!

What is up with this week? All the budgets in the U.S. must have been approved on the same day. I have had no less than five new client calls/meetings and the potential for enough work to book 2-3 writers, if all pans out, for the next several months.

But I'm only one writer.

I see that Documentum bought e-room. It was something I was wishing google would do. To incorporate affordable--free would be better--collaboration space where good people can work with good people, no matter where they are, on projects that require that one precious thing that makes the word go round: Words. (Content if you'd rather.)

What about Groove? Anyone using it for collaboration? I lived in e-room for a few years at Ketchum, but haven't tried Groove. I don't know what kind of investment it would take for a small business. I sure wish someone really nice would comp me.

It would push me to do something really cool with my business. And the orkut writing community. And my blogger friends. You'd see. Make me your blogger/orkut lab rat.

It is possible.

Instead, I'll just hope all these projects pan out and work my ass off.

For now.