February 07, 2004

what to do about this tooth thing

My tooth is still chipped. It's the lower right front tooth (my right, not yours). And the way it chipped is that a small piece of the top, and whatever shreds of amalgam remained (I have never used the word amalgam before, and I don't know if it's the right word, but I really enjoyed using it, so thank you), broke off the back (aka facing my tongue) part of the tooth.

So now the tip of my tongue has been rubbing the sandpaper backside of my chipped tooth for two days, resulting in an incredibly red, sore spot on the tip of my tongue.

If this keeps spreading, soon I'll have no neck.

I'm wondering if, and if not why not, you can buy some sort of mixture--kind of like cement, but less toxic--that you can use to fix your own tooth cracks, chips, etc. How hard can it be? I'm good with clay.

And I'm not so good with dental bills.