February 07, 2004

If I had a dime for every domain name I've had, I wouldn't be so poor

Nonetheless, I registered frontizo.com today, greek for mind, you know, minds, those things that connect across this hyperspaced place. Just in case google/orkut decides to roll out collaboration workspace, I'll be ready to recruit and launch in about ten short minutes.

It all started when I was playing around with basecamp earlier today, and I had to pick a name for my "company" and workplace, and I thought, well, if I'm going to pick another name, I might as well pick one with an available .com too, just in case it turns into anything.

voila: Frontizo!

While my exploration of basecamp left me wanting, it's always nice to have another domain name in the family.

Unless, that is, anyone wants to buy it. Has a classic consulting or communications company ring, no?