February 04, 2004

chipped tooth oh great

So this week has been interesting. I'm spinning around the outer orkut like a top, had one meeting yesterday where I picked up some work, have another tomorrow, and another Friday.

So of course tonight I chipped my bottom front tooth on a frozen marshmallow.

don't ask.

i don't know.

it was on a stick and chocolate dipped and ended up here when it shouldn't, so I did what I do with all the food I don't want to devour, I stuck it in the freezer and forgot about it. That is until the chocolate craving hit and I remembered the drizzled coating on the marshmallow on a stick sitting in the freezer.

So I unwrapped it and nibbled it like an ear of corn and then I thought, my it's awefully gritty, and then felt the rough spot on the back of my front tooth and said something like, "Oh shit."

Great timing.

HI! I'm Jeneane, the bethteth writher in the Southeastht.

It only looks semi-bad, well, chipped.

It feels like sandpaper.