February 07, 2004

Quick Perceptions on Basecamp

From Benjy's pointer, I signed up for basecamp at the medium-priced subscription trial price of $39/mo (free for 30 days) and noodled around. While I hope Basecamp does well, it's not quite what we, the refugees from, and now providers of services to, corporate America need.

Basecamp's blog-based project discussion and tracking structure is nice, and would be a good way for project teams inside companies to communicate and better manage projects, it's not a true collaboration space because there's no server space, no inherent workspace, for the dispersed masses whose LAN is really a Global Area Network called the net.

I need a secure space, with multiple levels of permission, to upload files, to invite specific people per project, to talk about them online, to revise and track revisions, to share knowledge, stuff (media lists, templates, boilerplates, assignments) with colleagues I don't work with yet, and to invite clients.

That's not basecamp, unfortunately. So I unsubscribed and am hoping I don't get charged next month. I may be back once I actually have some projects I'm able to collaborate with others on, but first I need that digital workplace.

If you're looking for an easy to use blogspace where you can talk about, argue about, link to, and track projects, check basecamp out. If you're looking for a more powerful collaboration space that doesn't cost a fortune, and you find one, please let me know.