February 02, 2004

Superbowl Blogger Ad

...for earthlink or any other ISP/phonecompany/cabledealybob pushing high-speed access..... here's an ad tailored for a target market of nearly a million nationwide. [[actually, what are the latest numbers for US bloggers--anyone know?]]

Anyway, here goes:


Guy sits down in pajamas with a cup of coffee in front of laptop. Dog comes up with a ball, wants to play fetch.

Guy pats the dog on the head absent mindedly, ignoring the dog because he's booting up.

Dog goes out of the room and comes back with a squeaky toy. Guy continues to ignore dog and is now looking at his screen alarmed.

Dog goes out of room and comes back with a leash. By now the guy is typing furiously, getting more paniced. (camera pans across screen to glimpse a 404 error page.)

narrator voice: Without a reliable service provider, you can't blog. And we know how bad that can be.

Dog tilts head looking at owner wondering what's wrong. drops leash and moves beside guy as if to calm him.

narrator voice: In fact, there's nothing worse than not being able to post when you need to.

But instead dog pees on a pajama leg.

narrator voice: Well, almost nothing.

Earthlink--reliable, lightning-fast access.
Because we know what you need.


Okay, the truth is, I just paid $87 I don't have to earthlink to get sessum.com (gesproductions.com) back up. COBRA due. Don't do it unless you've got change to spare, but if you do, spare away.

And if you're earthlink, can you comp me for a few years--you can use any or all of the above if you do.

[[Back to our regularly scheduled programing--something to do with Janet Jackson's pierced right breast.]]