November 23, 2005

Atlanta Bloggers...

Raise Your!

If you're an Atlanta area blogger or want to write about local Atlanta topics -- from soup to nuts and then some -- check out Blood-and-sweat child of longtime journalist, Atlanta resident, and Corante columnist, Dana Blankenhorn, is an Atlanta community blog with a pretty neat blog engine AND other tools that are being tailored for writers. If you sign on, you'll see what I mean. Like half of Web 2.0, this site is in BETA and Dana REALLY wants to hear from Atlanta bloggers on what you think--stuff you like and stuff they can make better.

Atlantans are opinionated by nature -- after all every day here is a motherfucking opening day -- so sign in and add a Personal Blog Entry of your own. It’s easy to keep track of your new posts. During the beta testing, all your entries will flow automatically to the top of the main page.

I like the various ways you can enter a post. The blog engine has some pretty powerful word processor-like features, OR you can go with plain text or straight HTML. I copied a couple of posts out of Blogger's compose window and they went across great--including ready-made pictures and links.

You can email Dana with questions.

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