November 26, 2005

crawled out from under the dining room table

HI! so that was fun! Hope your thanksgiving was merry, or thankful or something.

I need to know something about comments here. Okay, right now I have blogger's 'let anyone comment' feature selected. I'm assuming that means that, like me, to comment on this blog you just wite your little witty nugget and excrete it into my comment box AFTER typing in the cryptic code designed to fend off spam bots. Right?

But spammers still come. Those bastads. So, about a week ago I selected the other feature in Blogger that lets you only let registered users comment. But I noticed not so many people commented. So I changed it back to open.

SO, when I had the 'registered users' option selected a week or so back, did that mean that the only folks who could leave comments were those who have registered with blogger? Does that turn you off as a reader, commentor, trouble maker, or passerby? I know that I for one like to be able to leave comments without jumping through hoops, and truth be known, I will generally shut up rather than be bothered registering to comment someplace. Unless I really heart the blog.

To make things a little more interesting (read: confusing), Blogger has recently added 'moderated comments' to our plethora of conversation-continuing options, which is very cool. I think most businesses should use moderated comments and that they should respond quickly to accept all comments but spam.

But again, as a blog READER, it bums me out to make such a witty statement as I may make over at someone's blog but then not see my wit (or something that rhymes with wit) come to fruition for a while. So I don't know whether to try the moderated comments. Do you like moderated comments? Would it piss you off and make you go away if I tried them?

Because I do have abandonment issues.

As if you may have missed that along the way.

And we're not done yet: Blogger's OTHER commenting option is to let only a designated 'team' comment on the blog. I'm sure that's handy somewhere along the line, although I can't think of one single reason that any pubic blog should exclude everyone but a select group from commenting. For that reason, this option is out for my blog.

Which leaves me with a question: What kind of comments work best for you, o great and powerful readers?

  1. The all-open (sprinkled [potentially littered] with spam) option
  2. The registered-people-can-comment option
  3. The moderated-comments option
  4. The really-stupid-team-commenting option
  5. None of the above - yer blog sux.
  6. All of the above - it's all about you, J.

Thank you for voting.


fpaynter said...

The "team comment thing" is a total piss-off and either it doesn't work or Halley uses it to make people feel excluded. Anyway, the first time I wanted to leave a comment there and discovered I had to be "on the team" I sent an email and she puytr mne on the team and I left the comment and then the next time I wanted to leave a comment I discovered that I wasn't on the team again, and I decided that it was more of a pain in the ass trying to communicate there than it could possibly be worse so ever since then I've had this van filled with fertilizer and fuel oil parked out front of her place but she's never alone and I don't want to see any innocent people get what she has coming for farging up her comments so bad so I can't put it on a timer, I would have to set it it off remotely so you can see why I hate the team comments thing.

At AKMA's sometimes you have moderated comments and that has been true at famous JoHo's too, and they are less of a piss-off than the hurdle of being chosen for a team, but more of a piss-off than being run down in the crosswalk by a truck full of chickens, feathers flying everywhere and crates breaking open on the street and these huge white birds scrambling this way and that cackling and when you try to get up and brush yourself off you slip in the chicken'shity and fall down and you wonder just where that chicken shit came from and you realize that it's a lot like moderated comments.

But nobody likes their comments to be buried in a huge spam sammich of casino ads and viagara touts so totally unmanaged comments are no good either which means we either have to accept some comment cleaning overhead as a cost of doing blogniz or something.

It's your choice really, and I come here to read the good stuff, not to leave frothy comments. I reserve my frothy comments for Halley and as you can see I'm no longer on the team so that brings us back to the red-neck aggression thing, or I could comment at Lizzie's, but no... that mama don't like me commenting there neither, so as you can see it's a professional thing, but I have dissed her to the AAUW and she will never get the invite to hang with the prof-lady set now that I have told them what I think, not that she wouldn't be too cheap to pay the dues anyway... too bad I don't have the budget for two vans full of diesel and ammonium nitrate but you know how it goes.

DeanLand said...

Moderated comments -- yeah, it can be a pain, but many of the spammers buy automated spider checking services and get them renewed on a monthly or quarterly basis (yeah, there is a whole and complete enterprise built around these annoyances) -- and they drop the moderated or otherwise blocked or obstacle-ridden ones in order to make their product of continued high value to their slimebucket clientele.

Oh, and by the way: can I sell you a cheap timepiece, some Viagra, Cialis, that other one in that catergory, also some mortgages and eBay and Paypal protections? Do you need a hair restoration product, life insurance, virus protection, smileys or a screensaver? C'mon, at least some pain killers from a Canadian vendor, or maybe an online advanced college degree would enhance each and every aspect of your very being, right?

fpaynter said...

Oh, in the middle of all those typos, I forgot to vote...

I vote for whatever seems okay to you, Jeneane.

Jeneane Sessum said...

last time i tried i wasn't on the team either frank, so don't feel bad. I don't think anyone's on the team but Halley--HEY HALLEY, quit fucking with your comments and let the assholes show themselves for who they are or simply delete them or ban them, but don't punish the rest of us, although it's not punishment really because we're not on the team anyway.

Team comments on a public blog--bloggers should be fined $50 a month for trying that shit.

DEAN--I get my meds from India, thank you, and I shy away from anything that increases circulation est my blood pressure explode through my beta blocker, and damn, that's NEVER a pretty sight!!

Okay, your votes aren't helping me but I love ya anyhow.


alala said...

Well, I wouldn't have to register because I already have a bloggerblog, so that part wouldn't bother me personally, but if I didn't have the blog and did have to register, I wouldn't jump through the hoops. So yeah, that's a turnoff. Spam is also effing annoying, which I suppose leaves moderated comments, if you want to do the extra work, which I hate to even suggest because I know how busy I am. Upshot: I wouldn't desert you over modcoms.

But hey, why listen to me? I don't hardly ever comment anyway, so maybe I'm not the best person to ask.

Jeneane Sessum said...

Wow, YOU should comment more often!

Narcissistic Graffiti said...

I vote for moderated comments. Seems like the best overall solution/compromise. I recently had to switch to moderated comments myself.

Ken said...

So I took time yesterday to post a thoughtful response and I see it isn't here. Does this mean you went with sucky-ass team comments and I'm not on the team? I assume net glitch ate my comments, but I'm too friggin pissy to reconstruct them now.

Anonymous said...

Go for the moderated Jeneane - it's not much of a hassle for users or admins. It's the beast of bad choices. I had to do it as my comment spam situation was getting out of hand.

Jeneane Sessum said...

KEN - WHAT HAPPENED? I'm so sorry. I don't know. Please come back and spew. Oh.

Hi Doug. Hi Kevin.

misterorange said...

Just keep writing and I'll keep responding. :)

Anonymous said...

Moderated comments makes most sense to me, it’s sad, but the spammers make it inevitable that you have to do this.


Ken said...

My spewage was basically that team comments suck dirty pond water. In my environment, I found a plug-in that's virtually killed comment spam for quite some time, but obviously different platforms have different approaches (good and bad).

While I appreciate the security viability of the "capcha" approach, some are a real challenging read through my bifocals. Sometimes I try a time or two and don't comment in frustration.

For me, the biggest problem with comments doesn't have anything to do with validation strategies. Since stepping in to using an RSS aggravator...err, aggregator (I use Bloglines for reasons unrelated to any particular bias), I don't read directly. Many blogs don't syndicate the comments along with the posts. I know mine doesn't. I may not see comments. And even commenting on the original post means clicking through the aggregator to get to a blog post I've already read just so I can get positioned to comment. I find I comment more when I blog surf outside the aggregator. It's a syndication technology that's very unidirectionally oriented. There isn't a clean feedback mechanism tied into RSS feed reading (aka speed reading) (aka impersonating a baleen whale sucking down more krill than any human can possibly digest and respond to thoughtfully).

Anyway, I spewed something like that the other day. ;-)