November 23, 2005


Have you ever been into one of these places? Have you ever been shopping in Atlanta during the holidays? If you can say "no" to both of the above questions, your life will be all the more peaceful for it. Holy Heck, as Halley would say, in between writing steamy sex scenes and such, this place BrandsMart or BrandSmart or whatever you want to capitalize is in-sane. I mean excess and more and stuff and then some and everything and more and what you want and what you need and what you might need and what you'd never need but would be nice ALL under one roof. washersdryerstvsphonesrecordersdvdscamerascds
surroundsoundwatercoolers--i mean everything. Add in a thousand hurried shoppers and two sales associates and you get the picture.

and i get the picture too because i bought myself a digital camera. shhhh. i got caught up in the moment.


Anonymous said...

What did you buy?

I stayed up way too late last night comparing specs and reviews for a camera for Joe, who's never had a digital, with an eye for one for Dylan, who's 8.

When I looked up it was 2:30 so I dragged through the hardest day of the year (if I want Friday off I have to leave sections through Monday) on five hours sleep.

So what did you leap to?

Jeneane Sessum said...

I can't endorse it yet--battery still charging but i'll use it tomorrow--olympus 8 megapixel stylus 800. We'll see. In the mean time--GET SOME REST! Happy holiday

Anonymous said...
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misterorange said...

You bought a camera...but have posted no pictures. Tsk tsk ;)

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you if you bought from Brandsmart. I bought a camcorder from them less than 2 years ago. I also bought a 5 year extended warranty. I took it back to get repaired on 9/24/05. After 2 months of haggling with them over fixing it, they say they are going to give me cash back but I stillhaven't received it. If I were you, I would run back to the store and return it!! They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. I hope you don't have the same problems. They do not repair items or even call you about them. I always had to call and they blamed the warranty company. the warranty company blamed Brandsmart. TAKE YOUR CAMERA BACK!!!! And please spread the word!!

Anonymous said...

For Christmas I received a DVD surround sound system from my Step-Father In-Law (figure that one out).I have never had surround sound before and I am a guy so I was very excited until I opened the box. I drove four hours back to Tampa and opened it to find out that every bag inside the box had been opened and the cords to hook the speakers and the subwoofer to the DVD component were missing. I called BrandsMart and after being hung up on at the store I got a hold of CUSTOMER REALTIONS who told me that I had to bring the item back to the store. I told them my situation (four hours away it was a gift blah blah)she told me I didn't even pay for it so whats the big deal and they hung up on me. Called CUSTOMER RELATIONS again and another lady told me I was ignorant and hung up on me again. Thats 3 times for those that are counting. Waited and called the store back the next day. Talked to someone there that was not very heplful asked to speak to a manager, held for about 15 minutes and was hung up on again, 4. Now I have to spend about $100 in gas and put about 500 miles on my car in order to recieve what was purchased. I will definently pay an extra 100 bucks at Best Buy or even Circuit City so that I am at least treated with respect as a customer.