November 21, 2005

When the net goes zzzzzzzz

When there's not much to interest me in my wanderings through RSS feeds (yawn) and technorati blog finder fuel (zzzz) late at night, I usually think up a couple of words, throw them in Google, and then look at the images associated with those words.

I find wonderful things that way. It's the last best unexpected place around.

So tonight I was thinking about being tired and that old phrase 'rest assured' came to mind, and so i put that in google and clicked images and I found the most delicious (no tags intended) looking bed, people!!!

From a site called online beds, comes the Rest Assured Pocket Spring 1200 Venice Ortho.

HELLO JETHRO granny's sleepin tonight!

Look at that puppy, will ya.

I look at beds and bedding like some people look at cars. You tell me stuff like Luxury damask fabric, Heavy duty springs, Sumptuous cotton and super soft polyester mattress fillings, Felt tufts and I'm nearly in tears. And when it comes to Rest Assured, I'm gathering that the Jubilee is the Roles Royce of the line.

I love beds. I love bedding, comforters, quilts, throws, pillows, cotton, duvet covers, dust ruffles, I AM A LINEN FREAK.

And google reminded me that it's okay. I feel better now. No really, rest assured, I'm fine.

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