November 20, 2005

Next Week Goals

Spend more time reading blogs than I do posting (last week it was about equal--i think a ratio of 3/4 reading to 1/4 writing is good).

Spend more time with Jenna since the kids are once again out of school for a week.


Try not to shop.

Maybe shop a little.

Lock up the debit card.

Clean this fricking house.

Feed the hamsters.

Change the hamsters.

MAKE Jenna clean her room.

Make clients oh-so happy.


Clean my frigging car.

Email four friends.

Await a package from India.


Pray more.

.....your turn.


Jessica said...

EAT. I love Thanksgiving. You get to pig out but you aren't expected to buy gifts for anyone!

By the way, I received the news that I am not attending the conference in Atlanta - I'm being sent to one in Boston instead. Perhaps another day soon we can have lunch. Don't you need to come to St. Louis for something???

Jeneane Sessum said...

Oh man! Well, there are a LOT of boston bloggers you can hook up with. :-( I need to see shelley in st louie too--hmmm.

Jessica said...

YES...come see me AND Shelley!!!