June 26, 2007

Devine Stories

Betsy The Devine has shared a great story about her great grandfather today over at Ronni's Elder Storytelling Place.

Turns out Betsy's great-grandfather, like my grandmother, was an on-paper blogger from the way back. Here's one paragraph from Betsy's blog inspiration that will get you hoppin over to read the rest.

“I envied you this morning, my boy, nice and warm in your cozy bassinette. It was very chilly for grandpa - the wind was North and snowing, the walks were very slippery, but Gaga is always careful so he did not fall down. There is no heat at all in the Elevated cars in Boston on account of the influenza."

A snippet out of time. That's all we're doing really.

p.s., Ronni's taking stories from elders--some of the best posts online are over there. And I hear she's looking for more!