June 27, 2007

threads of hope

So the fabulous artist e. popped into chat, and while we were talking about yards and bloggers and threads and art and school's out for the summer, she mentioned the challenges a lovely knitting blogger named Annie is going through right now due to her husband Gerry's battle with multiple myeloma. Another knitting blogger posted about Annie and her family, and the knitting blog community is out in force to help, including a new site to help raise money for Annie's family's medical expenses. Or you can download a pattern from Annie and add a little something for their medical expense fund.

The knitters could use some help in this worthy cause. Gerry is going to the Mayo Clinic, and medical expenses are increasing.

SO I challenge the tech bloggers and web 2.0 bloggers to help the knitting bloggers help Annie and her husband with the most important battle of their lives.

If you can donate, please do. If you can help in some other way, contact info is on the we love annie site.

And I'm pretty sure they're accepting prayers too.