June 27, 2007

the world is thinking of autumn

i know it just turned summer for some of you, but the fact that we've been off school since May 24 and the rush of fervent new business requests -- combined with my five years of doing this solo thang -- let me know that i should tell you the truth. Fall's almost here. That's right, get outside and sweat it up, because it's almost over.

I know you don't think so. But you're wrong. You watch. In a few weeks we'll be back to school shopping and you'll be saying, holy crap you were right: i thought summer just started but it's over and Jeneane knew it the whole time.

And I'll say good, because it's been like 100 degrees here without rain for seventeen years, and I am Most Def READY FOR SOME FOOOOTTTBAAAAL! Sweatshirts, chips, guac, sports socks, cold-air-lungs, and a quarterback sneak or hail mary. we're thiiiiiiiiisss close. I'm tellin' ya.