June 26, 2007

when they're four they're out the door

I don't know if Denise's Tyler is four yet, but he is of preschool age and as such transitioning to a daytime made up of cutty-pastey and circle time.

I remember when Jenna went to Montessori pre-school. She was four. She was SO beyond ready to be out and about with other kids during the day, and I was SO ready to be able to have a single, consistent thought, which every now and again is a nice thing to be able to have as a indie business person and mom with a hot pan on the stove.

In time, Tyler will feel less like Nemo, swept away from his family alone into the current of life, and more like a lil kid who gets to go have fun during the day.

And Denise, no kidding, you've been doing BOTH for so long, you're going to have time for an entire extra job now. Make it something good: Like writing a book, Blawg Mama!!!