June 26, 2007

no matter what yer going thru, someone in the blogworld is going through it too

Will, man, I not only HEAR you, I feel you, I feel just like you, as I too am transitioning off meds, and actually just today decided to change over and take a 'lil something new lest I walk into the neurological woods ne'r to return.

OH no I'm not exaggerating, nonono, at least I don't think so, because my head is quite literally rolling around on the floor (i watched it fall off), and I'm pretty sure it has no forehead. I grew seven feet with 12 toes each, and the electrical firings and inhibited serotonin have rendered me physiologically spastic: I now have a twitch of the lower lip.

.00032 percent of individuals have the lip ripple. rock on me.

I'm telling you... wtf, man? My only saving grace so far has been Omega Brite--go with that brand for Omega 3. It's the best percentage ratio available. Well researched. Harvard and all that.

Be well, be will.