August 29, 2006

Scoping out sites for TCPNW07 BAR CAMP

Brandon's working hard to find the right site for collaborative knowledge sharing and spit swapping at TequilaConPacNW07 Bar Camp.

XV also has yam fries.

Totally random scoring chart for XV: 15

Ease of finding bathroom: IV
Bathroom lighting level for self portrait: III
Nvmber of people who walked into bathroom whilst preening: 0 (What the hell is the Roman Nvmeral for zero? Oh, wait, yov have to pvt a I in front of the nvmber to decrease that nvmber by one. So the Roman Nvmeral for zero is II. Dvh.)
Quality of teqvila: It was fine (III). Bvt they didn't have Cvervo (II).
Dark corners for groping: V

Svmmary: XV ain't gonna work. It's too small.


What a facilitator--keep up the good work, B.

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