August 29, 2006

Doc Does Due Dilligence on the ADE Thing

This from Doc, who runs down my Attention Deficit Economy post, giving us more to chew on.

I get the IDEA behind the Attention Trust and "attention owning." But man, a complicated logo and a site with rounded corners don't shave my suspicions, not in the least. Even with the right "trustees" behind the trust -- and I'm not convinced of that -- the speed of co-optation today is surpassed only by the speed of money flying at every "latest new thing" under the sun.

And while all of this speedy, jiggly titillation may make it a great time to be in business, ATTENTION and what happens with the associated "breadcrumbs" have little to do with fertilizing organic, REAL trust among individuals. In fact the opposite is more likely true. The trust linkage among us in the middle, the accidental or assisted discovery, the purging of attention, the occasional etch-a-sketch erasure--these are the best modes of control and accountability I can think of. Put a dot-org on it, whatever.

Of it all, Doc is right on with this:

I can't help thinking that there's something premature about the Attention Thing. It looks to me like one wrench in a future user-in-charge tool box. We don't even have the box yet, much less the rest of the tools we'll need.

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