August 30, 2006

Global Blogger's Link Out Day


1. Go to one of the blogs you read often.

2. Find a link to someone on that blog you do not know.

3. Click to visit their site and read one or two of their entries. Do you like?

4. a. if yes, then add it to your blogroll and/or aggregator.

    b. if no, do not add it to your blogroll and/or aggregator and go back to step 2. Do this until you find one you like enough to add..

5. After you complete step 4, remain on the last blog you visited, go back to step 2, and and start process again.

Repeat steps 3 more times.

You just grew.

we need a funky decision tree for flickr bec/ that's what people do.

Update: Chris Pirillo gets specific.

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