August 28, 2006

Back from Nebulizer Camp

I just got back from NEBCamp and I am exhilarated and exhausted at the same time.

I met so many great people, late night television characters mostly but so what--video casting is really just TV++--and learned so many new things.. At NEBCamp because the action goes on late into the evening, no one can keep an eye open. Who could sleep with so much thinking and conversation and innovation, all taking place in one location with the best and the brightest in attendance? The inhaling and the exhaling and the input from from the tubing to the receptacle to the mask was one (won) word wide, as in WWW. That word? INCREDIBLE. 

The best part of NEB is the feeling of peace. You're among family there. It is safe to be who you are. For example, At NEBCamp I roomed with Jenna and couldn't believe I was actually. sleeping. through. that. coughing. It wasn't a problem that she couldn't get out of bed--At NEB you get your tentside meals and take them where you want.

What was great was when the developers actually showed off the CRUMBY, which sucks the crumbs from Lunchables off the $90 Linens-n-Things comforter while simultaneously searching Google for Bird Flu updates--and I got to use it. Totally. Geeked.

At NEB camp I also got a chance to sing the mucus from my lungs during jam sessions, suck the aluminum off methylprednisolone pills, and explore my Burningbird tote bag to see if maybe there was one valium left in the bottom.

The people at NEB are folks, good folks. I know you may envy my time off-blog these last few days while at NEB. But you also should understand that just because NEB is RX only, it's NOT exclusive. O.Really folks should have the right to to hand out prescriptions to those of their choosing without having to face the wrath of the mob for exercising that right.

And if you want an alternative that isn't RX-only, you can go to ROOTCANALCamp. At ROOTCANAL, things move faster, and deeper. If you want Drill Down and Open Sores, go to ROOTCamp. No prescription is needed. Just a referral from your HMO.

In the mean time, if you want to be a team player and maybe get invited to NEB next year, check out my pix on Flickr to see what's in store for you--and I mean it's. one. big. good. time.

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