August 28, 2006

My She

She had just turned 5 when we blogged this:

Thursday, November 21, 2002

conversations in jenna's twin bed before drifting off to sleep

Jenna: Mama?

Mom: Hush Jenna--go to sleep.

Jenna: Can I tell you something?

Mom: Okay, go ahead but then close your eyes.

Jenna: When you drink water, it goes in your mouth, down your throat, past your potatoes, into your stomach, into your bladder, then it mixes with yellow ivy and comes out in the potty--right?

Mom: Pretty close, yes.

Jenna: Is that it--is it the yellow ivy that makes it yellow?

Mom: No I think it's vitamins and minerals and stuff.

Jenna: Are you sure there's no yellow ivy in there?

Mom: I don't think so, but that's a good idea, now go to sleep.

Jenna: Mama?

Mom: Sleep Jenna.

Jenna: When I was one year old, where did I sleep?

Mom: You slept in your crib, in here, in your room.

Jenna: But how did you fit in there to lay with me?

Mom: I didn't, honey. I sat on the rocking chair that used to be in the corner.

Jenna: Oh, I wondered how you fit in my crib with me.

Mom: I love you Jenna, now hush.

Jenna: Okay. I love you too.

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In a month, she turns nine years old. She has grown up bloggy. She asked me this week if she could start a new blog. She didn't want to be the same old 'baby blogger' because she is "older now." George spoke to her of Brand Equity, I mean, BabyBlogger has been in the NY Times and more! Meanwhile, I got her all set up on this one. 

My little girl's been blogging since 2001, which is more than half her life. Tonight she's downstairs typing I don't know what--something about taking Bando to Petsmart for a bath.

Web 2.0, I guess so.

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