August 28, 2006

And upon announcing the end of his reign as the King of Blogdom....

In the days of graying beard and weakened knuckles, King David the Winer, ruler of all Blogdom, bequeathed his rights and privileges and power to the Princes of the Palace, Sir Michael and Sir Robert. In secret conversation, the two Princes were schooled in the methods and means of maintaining the gentle balance that yielded plenty for the rulers of the land.

The mission of the Princes, from that day onward, was to emulate the great King in his absence, both in word and in deed, and to practice the artful dodgery which had made the King legend among his people. "As I have made you, make me proud," the bearded one decreed to the Princes in Waiting as he counted down his final days of rule over the land of Blogdom.

"Yes, Your Highnass," Sirs Michael and Robert said, heads bowed, each kissing the King's knotted fingers. And they promised to tell all who protected the kingdom the powerful tactics of war, both in speech and in conduct, passed down from the great King David the Winer.

They attended great gatherings where princes and knights and leaders from other kingdoms came together to confer on urgent matters. There, they signed treaties to preserve the order of things. And, when these great gatherings dispersed, word spread from one kingdom to the next on strategies of protection in the manner of King David the Winer.

"Attack lest ye be attacked," was the lesson of the King, "And use whatever weapons you have."

With the Good News in hand and in heart, Knights from many lands rode home to lay with their maidens and sip wine straight from the pap. The ladies licked secrets from the lips of their lovers of the great gatherings in the land of plenty, in the Kingdom of Blogdom, under the rule of King David and the Princes of the Palace, Sirs Robert and Michael.

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