August 31, 2006

dual diagnosis

kind of is insane this thing we do here, especially if you have clients both in web 2.0 and NOT in Web 2.0 (yes, virginia, there still are tech clients that don't give a flip about Web 2.0 and some are called enterprises). I have been walking that surly fence of on and offline clients with amazing ease and results, but it's getting harder because the same personal work systems that let me live online beside my web 2.0 clients are the very systems i have to avoid in order to get work done for my offline clients.

it would be easier to say i'm only going to take web 2.0 clients. it would also be stupider.

i have my risk and opportunities, as you might say, well balanced; i am diversified, and may God keep me thusly. because at the end of the day, i never want my bubble here to burst, to resent this place -- my home, my friends, my colleagues who i have lived with online for years and years here if it all doesn't last forever. I want to love being, just being here, without an agenda or a single opportunity, without noise and hubub and proclamations of great features and big things. first and always i come to the net for you. 

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