August 31, 2006

You don't have to be a list to be splogged.

The Head Lemur called last night while Jenna and I asthmad our way through Target. When the Lemur calls, it's never boring. THL (like KFC, now ubercrunchy) never says, Hey what's up? What's new? No. He rips open the receiver as soon as you say Hello.

"TWO THINGS!" he says, and then he proceeds to leap and thrash through the day's Very Important Issues like a feral cat trapped in a dumpster.

SO last night he tells me about this Splog Guy who is scraping our content (his, mine, Doc's, and a few gazillion other people) into these city-based splogs, and collecting the Google ad sense money from them.

I've said about other sites that incorporate my RSS feed, as long as they aren't making money off my content or reframing it within a context I don't like I'm okay with it. What you can't do is aggregate it onto a site AND SELL ADS or in any other way profit from it if you're not giving me a piece. If you wish to make ad revenue off my content, then I am game. We become business partners and agree to how much of the ad revenue each of us gets. We agree in writing. It's a business. And I'm choosey.

Thanks to THL for going after this ASSHAT who is stealing $ from us. Go Lemur, and Go Daddy. If you need help figuring out if this loser is scraping your content, I bet the Lemur can tell you how to find out.

Doc's thoughts: Sploggers Beware.

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