August 31, 2006

Creditizing Advertising

i just had this quick brain freeze where i was thinking why not have an advertising model where we put ads on our blogs with some trusted provider (hey qumana!), and THEY hook up with an amazon thing or a i dunno some cool ecommerce names or online shopping sites, and then let me DIRECT my ad revenue where I can use it like paypal $. BUT give me a little more if i do it that way.

so what am i trying to say.

i am SO coming down off steroids.

OK I AM AWAKE now, later: So I'm saying why not have an ad engines give us a BIGGER percentage of the ad revenue back if we re-spend the money we've earned with one of their partners -- i dunno have some cool niche partners, or have the big boys like amazon.

So like, let's say you might get $20 for a run of google ad sense ads, but google takes a big piece--do we know how much? i don't use them here, but let's keep going with that thought--and anyway way, google says, okay if you RESPEND your ad revenue before we ever have to bother sending it to you, and if you RESPEND it with our premier partners amazon, or basillovers or toysrforshit or whoever, then you don't have $20 to spend, but you have $25!

And suddenly we're shopping FROM the ad engine and bringing money in TO the ad engine, right from our blogs, and the ads on our blogs become little mini transaction centers and shopping hubs.

i'm rambling. i am SO coming off steroids.

i feel nauseated.

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