August 27, 2006

Clues on a Plane

I, Vomit. or, key take aways from the Seth Godin Intervhugh:

Books are like witchcraft.

His latest book is a headline taken from the Boston Globe and a stroke of synchronicity, plus previous blog post$ and article$.

People should treat people like people.

Artists are rarely the first to embrace a new medium (editor: my head exploded just then. splat.)

Blogs aren't just a way to waste time at work. It's a big shift.

Millionaires are too smart to sit on a beach.

Drug dealers on the street corners of Topeka are only in it for the money.

Most people in regular industry jobs aren't in it for the money. They love doing what they do.

He reads lots of blogs by men every day, and by kathy sierra.

Bloggers should resist input from other bloggers.

He once stood in a nice store in a nice suburb and heard one 25 year old explain to a 30 year old what gmail was. (editor: Obviously, in modest suburbs and in the cit-ay, no one is expected to understand the internets.)

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