December 21, 2005

BubbleShare - "Best Photo Sharing Service Yet?" Yep.

Michael Arrington calls BubbleShare "rediculously easy to use."
Things are album based. The free service allows users to create albums of up to 100 photos each, with a permanent URL for sharing. Photos can be dragged and dropped to change the order, resized and a voice comment can be added. Comments are available for visitors as well as an RSS feed.

AND try BS's newest feature, an industry-first Ajax-based slider that lets you dynamically zoom and reorganize photos on the fly. Weee!

The first blogger who posts a bubbleshare album on their blog and leaves me a comment here gets a $10 amazon gift certificate from me. (just because I want to see who's been naughty and who's been nice.)

And I mean it.

ho ho ho...

1 comment:

Jon Husband said...

me .... right here

... and I am digging Bubbleshare. So far, I prefer it to Flickr - simpler and easier. But I'd like to be able to blog easily from it (and actually think I know of a way to do that).