December 19, 2005

In Praise of Blogspot

From C-Lo's interview with Frank about blogging:
The second thing Part the Second is that I'm very proud to be blogging on Blogspot. That would be Mystic Bourgeoisie, of course. Some folks seem to have nothing but disdain for Blogspot, but here's why they're fucked, if I may say so. They're fucked because Blogspot is free, just as Blogger was free in the Olden Times (or just about; we had to help out Ev if we could, so we ante'd the 25). And that means more people can blog. Lowers the barriers to entry is how we business types would put it. I'm reminded here of how I once wrote: "People often stop me on the street and say, 'Chris, you're a successful business-type person. Tell me, how do you...'" But I better not go any further down that road if I expect anyone to ever read this. However, if they don't like it, well fuck em. That's what I say. I suppose I should interject here that one thing I do in my blogging -- though I don't know if this would count as nuts and bolts, exactly -- is swear a lot. So this is what I like to call Demonstration By Example™ -- and that little ™ sign there means I'll sue your ass if you try any copycat cussing.

The point I was trying to make... I am proud of being on Blogspot mostly because I am showing the world (that exceedingly small slice of it that actually reads my shit anymore) that it is not necessary to use one of those ready-made templates they give you. Well no, actually you do use one -- pick something dead simple -- and then you hack the crap outta that sucker. That's what I did, yes. On the aforementioned Mystic Bourgeoisie. You bet. I made it so complicated that it took me a month to figure out how to post into it. But you pick these things up. Trust me.

"Do not affect a breezy style," Strunk & White tell us. Well fuck Strunk & White, OK? They never had to blog. And if they had, they'd probably have said all the same things they said back when they wrote that fucking book, and they'd have traffic up the yin-yang. Which is precisely why I hate those sons-a bitches and spit on their graves.

Hey Frank, I should have asked, but... is it alright if I put in some of my various views?

When are these folks at Blogger/Google gonna wake up send some shirts?

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