December 18, 2005


What's rich about the net is that it's a collage of the sacred and profane, every inch of the spectrum, coexisting, intersecting, making life wonderfully mysterious and a little more confusing at the same time.

With that I wish Jordon Cooper well with whatever he does next. I enjoy the reading I do among bloggers who are also servants within their faiths--like Jordon. These people astound me with their courage, the very public walk of faith they take within a medium that exposes us and makes us vulnerable, a medium where it's more often than not "not cool" to talk about God, to call him a He, to proclaim that he exists and has always existed, to struggle with the devine as they wrestle with being human, to connect with fellow bloggers and to say: it's about love -- at least that much we can agree on.

Keep us posted, Jordon and Wendy.

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