December 23, 2005

Okay, but HOW do you tag?

I have to start tagging. Technorati tags at a minimum. So, do other blogging tools make it easier to tag, or do you have to copy and paste and size your tags into every post? Does Blogger not make tagging simple because Google stands to lose through tagging? If everyone tags, what does that do to traditional web search? Does it go back to being a world-static-web instead of world-live-web thang?

These are questions.

The only thing I understand for sure is that I have to start tagging, because when other people are tagging you, you should probably be tagging yourself.

Kind of like editing your own Wikipedia bios--OH WAIT. That's a no-no!



jr said...

I've always been curious about why certain people want you to tag. I think it maybe because it's easier to program for something sticking out like a tag then to do some real serious programming and not require the people you are spidering to do your work for you.

Anonymous said...

I always found hyperlinks tiring. This tagging thing is even worse. I'm exhausted. Soon we'll be tagging not blogging.

Re: technique. I'm on wordpress and tagging (technorati) is supposed to be 'automatic' - check a box and publish. but I can't see that it is. (Can't say that it's not, kinda hit and miss, can;t say that I relly care, but I'm noticing) But doing the copy and paste thing and placing the tag at the end of a post seems to work (again with technorati) consistently.

I've tried a feedburner tag thing for some podfarts and it seems to work with odeo.

But then the whole world opens up.

How does Google stand to lose through tagging? And how does tagging make it a world static web? Just curious.

For the most part I prefer everything uncategorized and the tagging isn't really helping me 'find stuff'. But then I have a painfully disorganized mind and all this containerization...well, I'm suspicious. I kinda like the idea of web as a weather system not a periodic table.