December 18, 2005

Phil's 12 Comments & My 12 Sentences

Digital magpie Phil Ringnalda sums up the year with 12 precious comments from readers here.

He riffed off of this meme, which requests that you sum up your year in 12 cut-and-paste sentences from your posts.

And I break with the tradition of ignoring memes here:

January (chow chow chow chow chow)
-->1/8: I have such a bad sinus headache that I'm considering macing myself.

-->2/16: In attempting to decode the secret language of the Red-State-Right (Political Twister, anyone?) I've noticed that the died-in-the-wool redneck now uses the words "liberal" and "nigger" interchangeably--they are at opposite ends of the snuff-chewing political correctness meter.

-->3/8: Anil, that was a dumbass statement.

-->4/15: We turn data into infomercials.

-->5/18: We were a funny lot. Now we're just a lot.

-->6/18: When you Africanize anything that's what you get--swarming, crazy, dangerous killers who like to fuck with the Europeans.

-->7/5: As any seasoned wanabee-smoker/ex-smoker knows, you never fail to justify the potential benefits of a future puff.

-->8/9: If you're going to live in the south, and if you think you and your fiance might one day start a family, then do not get married August 7-14 because if you DO one day have a kid, you will learn that back-to-school eve (preceeded by back-to-school supplies rush) will coincide with your anniversary every year, which means you really can't tear yourself away from your child to have a couples' reunion on your anniversary night.

-->9/30: We're representin' for who can and who can't send, and we want you to know that we think you are pretty cool and your mom is pretty neat and your dad is too, in fact your whole family is a lot more interesting than you'd imagine at your age--except what about those hamsters kid, you really have to keep a lid on that Coco because she's turning your mom grayer than she was with all this escaping and pooping under the Kitchen stove.

-->10/24: Google can wire a nation, and they can't give us new blogger templates for 300-something DAYS?

-->11/11: Talk to the hand--got no time to hate you.

-->12/6: Dear Microsoft: We could use some innovation on the destkop apps front.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy mofo!

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