December 18, 2005

Get OFF that schedule!

What's up with this taking time off, bloggers--your hours are already becoming more like corporate america's hours and less like bloggers' hours.

Yes I know this is the holiday, some linkedin folks are even trying to start a movement about somesuch baloney like doing something to your settings as not to interrupt people during their holiday family time.

Clue you in (that's my phrase of the evening) and hello, turn off the computer how about. Why are you going to go messing with your settings. Just disappear for a few days. You aren't that important. No one will be calling the FBI away from Aruba to look for you, okay? Get over yourself.

We used to could rely on bloggers to be posting their asses off over the weekend because they were finally free from their 9-9 realworld ho-hum jobs and finally on the weekend they could rip their pants off and blog free from prying eyes for 48 glorious weekend hours!

Now as more bloggers work in blogspace or get caught up in the RSS feeding schedule of those who do, it's getting to be slim pickins on the weekends, and not so great late at night either. And where are all our overseas friends--don't fall for this bankers' hours blogging bullshit that the Big Blog Men of America think they've earned.

RSS never sleeps.


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