December 18, 2005


From the Holy See of Blogging comes everything you need to know about the nuts-and-bolts of how to blog, and then some.


1) Why he's proud to be on blogspot: "The point I was trying to make... I am proud of being on Blogspot mostly because I am showing the world (that exceedingly small slice of it that actually reads my shit anymore) that it is not necessary to use one of those ready-made templates they give you. Well no, actually you do use one -- pick something dead simple -- and then you hack the crap outta that sucker. That's what I did, yes. On the aforementioned Mystic Bourgeoisie. You bet. I made it so complicated that it took me a month to figure out how to post into it. But you pick these things up. Trust me."

2) Where you can find his Windows-Friendly Blog-Tool Recap at Mandarin: "One thing I should mention is that I switched to the Mac a couple years ago, I guess it was (christ, time flies, does it not?), and as a result, had to rebuild my entire blogging (a.k.a. writing) kit -- my heap big mojo-gris-gris shaman spirit bag o' software tricks, that is to say. (What do they call those damn things? And why does Stephen King have it in for adverbs? He does, if you didn't know that, particularly.) Anyway, yes, I wrote something for Meg (a.k.a. Michelle, a.k.a. Mandarin Design) about the tools I used to use when I was working on a Windows box. So if you still are, I already wrote that one -- employing far fewer digressions, I hasten to add -- and it is here."

3) More Tools (some Mac) & How To Use Them for Blogging, including Amazon, Google, BBEdit, SnapZ ProX, Transmit, and MORE...

GO READ THIS POST for an insider's gaggle of blogging tips and tools.

People should be paying the guy for this stuff as a downloadable amazon short or something, but look, see, he keeps giving and giving. Something about Karma I bet... ;-)

Wouldn't hurt to drop some change in his paypal either.


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