September 27, 2007


Did 20 posts, along with Mr. Paynter, tonight as we exercised our blog fingers together trying to get back in shape. Of course Frank cheated, so the race was called due to mud. Or else I won. We're leaving the tapes for the judges to review.

I look forward to a blog spasm in a day or so. All you have to do is find me in chat, say 20 in 20? or 30 in 30? or 10 in 10? READY SET GO! and off we go. If I'm not in the middle of something, like pouring boric acid in my pink eye.

I've never gotten it down to a minute per post, but I also haven't done this in years. Back in the day, we didn't enjoy the vast amount of USER GENERATED CONTENT we have today with flickr's blogthis and youtube's embed that. Makes it a bit easier to breeze through the posts.

Remember when we used to have posting marathons--24 hour marathons for this cause or that, or just because?

Too old now. Enjoy my bedtime too much. ;-)

Thanks frank!

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