September 23, 2007

A little perspective in the matter

real or imagined.

I tell my kids there are two kinds of people in the world. I change the criteria around from time to time. Sometimes it's: kind people and unkind people. And don't confuse unkind with "not afraid to tell the truth". Sometimes it's: assholes and not assholes. Butt often they have the same agenda.
And watch out for "nice" people. Their rage is usually seething approximately 3mm beneath the skin. "Nice" is over-rated and often used by the worst assholes imaginable. Have a nice day.

I think Chris said it best when he sent me a link this morning. Although I don't think he was specifically referring to the Jena Six, he could have been. Adjustable black law enforcement indeed.

A history of Lynching.

Also, don't miss the BGB on the flurry of US-based racial stupidity lately in his Has Anything Changed post.

And while you're reading, listen to Aaron.