September 28, 2007

PPP how it went so far

SO I signed up for payperpost a while back and checked in on it a few times, but never got a chance to play with it. Today I decided to try it in blogging about the morphing software while earning $10 to pay for jenna's birthday cake (OMGZ SHE'S TEN ON SUNDAY!).

There are some hoops to jump through in using PPP. You have to get approved, and you have to have a certain google page rank to qualify for certain ad opportunities, and you have to put some code in your template. That's probably all a good thing as it reduces the chance that jerks will come on and add issues to PPP's already shaky brand essence.

We'll see how the payment part goes. I have no clue how these folks operate. But as far as the user interface goes, web 2.0 startups could do worse than to emulate PPP's user experience. It takes a complex process and automates everything about it that's hard. It's a solid interface.

Now I'm a blogads gal from way back. I like Henry Copeland. I have high regard for Henry, and as such will likely remain loyal to blogads. At the same time, I can't say I'm never going to explore all of the interesting ad-generating models out there.

I've heard a lot of nasty stuff going back and forth between Mike Arrington and PPP, and I don't know the PPP people. At the same time, I don't see why the detractors have an ethics meltdown over user-generated ad content that's taking money/attention out of the hands of agencies and ad buyers and putting it into the pockets of regular people when those same people don't have a melt-down over every-day user generated content that's taking the money/attention out of mainstream outlets and putting it in the hands of regular people.

Will I sell out for $30 a day? Heh. Not hardly. But I do want to try this thing out and see what all the hubub is about. You will know whenever I make a PPP-related post, because I'll be discussing the process as much as whatever the intended post is about. Because that's interesting. And interesting's what I do best.



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