September 23, 2007

IM Is the New Blogging

It used to be blogging was how we talked to one another using hyperlinks for punctuation and context clues. That was when we were amateurs and doinks. No one had to tell us we were doinks. We knew it. Doink was the default. And so, much of what we posted about was the this-and-thats of life. Opinion and Thought Leadership were the last thing on our minds because, again, we came here to get away from THERE.

Now that there IS here, and blogging has turned pro, enduring labor and giving birth to social media (which is hyper-pro), blogging isn't the place where I want to say what I want.

Let me say that again a bit more clearly: My blog is no longer the place I want to say everything I want to say.

It is sad. I think I've been grieving it for six months, the loss of my blog and your blog and your blog as platforms for passionate voice. Passionate conversation and disagreements and love and hurt and healing and all of it.

Some people have found their used-to-be-blog voices on Twitter. Somehow, they get what they need out of the abbreviated sound bursts from others, and feel fulfilled sharing their dinner plans and A-list sightings.

I don't get it. I hoped for a lot more from Twitter. But every time I re-try it, I wonder what. the. hell. am. I. doing. here? There is no getting to know me knowing you on Twitter. There's just him and her and them. The biggest problem with Twitter, as I've said before, are the Twits.

Me? I blog on G-Chat now. Yep, that's right. My most brilliant, sparkling, engaging, raw, and revolutionary ideas are the ones that germinate from chatting with brilliant friends on IM. From: CONVERSATION.

You don't get that with Twitter. Twitter is one-way outbursts, broadcast spasms, network flatulence. Don't get me wrong; sometimes they are entertaining, yes. But twitter blasts are not engaging, by their very nature.

Me? I think IM and Phone are where it's at. The new new thing is talking to one another. Not broadcasting our every bowel movement on Twitter or climbing Techmeme via our blog posts on conferences and business and social media magic.

But talking to each other.
Like we used to.
When blogging was the back channel.

ooo i did not know Robert was also talking about twitter too. Robert says "What happens on Twitter should stay in Twitter." Open Sores Movement indeed! Robert, more baby pictures and less twittering, please.