September 23, 2007

Memo: While You Were Out...

I'm pretty sure it's coming.
As the empire continues in its decline ordinary people will increasingly ask why, and be more willing to listen to people who offer answers. When such things as the Social Security (the most popular program in American history and upon which 67% of Americans depend for their entire retirement) stop or is reduced to pay trillions in war debts or jack up stock market profits. When oil, which drives our entire national electrical grid, reaches peak, people will do more than howl. (Wanna bet that mountain top removed coal, which is being touted as our savior, won't be hiked up to the limit for maximum corporate profitability?)

Frankly, I think it will take what Americans would consider a collapse to turn it all around. The "American lifestyle" was but a brief moment in history, a civilization made possible by cheap hydrocarbons.