September 28, 2007

fun with morphing photos and some advice

So I'm looking at payperpost today when I see this morphing image software trial thing, called Morpheus Photo-Morpher. (I downloaded the Mac trial), and I sit here and think, I'd like to download and try this software.

But do I do it and get the $10 bucks from payperpost, or do I download it outside of payperpost and play with it that way so I don't seem like the commoners the blogerati tend to view PayPerPost's assoicates as? In other words, should I take ten bucks for trying out the software that I would have tried out anyway if I had seen someone else blog about it? Or should I skip the $10 because payperpost is so unseemly to the influential?

Payperpost is sort of like a gun. It's inherent danger to the sphere-of-blogs depends on how it's used, when it's used, and the trustworthiness of the person who's got it in their hands. Instead of laws to regulate these things, we have something better online. We have the self-correcting nature of the Internet. My opinion is that the PPP model, as I've said before, deserves to be explored and has a place, despite the fact that mine is NOT the popular opinion. PayPerPost may not be the best at doing what it has set out to do--a future player may improve this formula of User Generated Ad Content.

But to really decide how it works, I decided to try PPP and to post my morph. So I used the software, which IS in fact easy to use, to morph a picture of me into something that is not a picture of me.

The thing is, I've spent 30 minutes in the software and I can't find out WHERE to get the actual animated gif, or a link location that is in an image format I can actually insert into my blog post, to show my image off. Best I can do is send you here: ME MORPHING.

So then I start thinking, Morpheus, in addition to using PayPerPost to drive adoption, you have to have a follow through on this strategy for sharing. Sharing by email isn't enough. I see that we can somehow share them on Youtube, but you don't tell me how.

The Morpheus homepage says:
Email your animations using the software's Share Animation™ feature. Before you know it, your animations will be forwarded from one person to another! Spice up your website or blog. Post your animations and videos to sites like Flickr and YouTube, or submit them to Animania!, the Morpheus Software blog. Make your MySpace page or profile stand out.

But I never got any code to cut and paste. I just can't seem to find it. Is it my pink eye? Am I missing something?

Mandatory these days is an optional widget, or at least an "embed" feature that lets me show off my morphing in a blog post.

And how about making it easy for me to morph my friends. Say giving me a little photo uploader window (web-based) that let's me easily pull in photos from my other social spaces to morph, then generate for me the code to insert in those spaces.

What about a flickr grabbr that reduces the steps it takes to bring in my flickr photos to morph?

In fact I want the whole experience to be web-based. Is that silly?

And what about a contest for Halloween--the scariest morph EVA!

I think the software is easy to use and cool to play with. The only thing I see lacking are enhanced ways to share and use my existing communities in the act of playing.

Anyway, that is my very first payperpost. It's worth more than ten bucks because I just gave some advice. But I would have given it anyway in telling you about how I made the morphy thingy.

So why not take the gas money? huh?


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