December 30, 2005

12 Hours of 2005 Recap

A recap of the year is way, way to big for me. So I thought I might just recap the last 12 hours and call that my kiss off, i mean send off, to 2005.

It's almost new year's eve and I don't even know how that happened because I've been working so fast and furious that I feel like I have to visit the bathroom every 24 minutes.
Some business people would say that talking about such things online is in poor taste. I think they may be right. Maybe I should have said pee. Piss? Urinate? I could go on.

Number 2: I blame that albert fellow, the primary reason for which is that his head never stops, nor do his IMing fingers, nor do his rush of ideas and I'm all: albert, what are you on. And he's all: heh.

It's been fun thinking out of the box these last couple weeks, trying to demonstrate value, which I supposed would be obvious if I could get albert comped on some bio protein bars, since this is all he eats. ever. And so I wrote to genisoy, to let them in on the secret of our geeky super hero, and if they are a smart company, albert becomes their mr. wheaties, they put out a protein bar in the shape of a bubble, and then albert tells me he's sure i've been sent from heaven--to translate, it's like you or me getting an open ticket to Ruth Chris Steakhouse for a year--but even I admit this protein bar thing is a longshot.

You know, some people don't see the potential in things.

Other moments of my odd day have had me deep in thought: (read, playing polly pockets with jenna) and thinking, thinking, thinking while overdosing on this killer chicken soup i made last night which I can't get enough of--remind me to give you the short cut recipe at the end of this post, okay, and if you're going to CESCamp, could you bring a pot for the geekfest unconference taking shape--I've told Mary Lu I'd shove her a bowl through IM because it smelled so good, but we tried it and all it did was make my laptop smell like a bus.

Speaking of CESCamp, Doc thinks it would be fun, Robert's down with it, and others are signing in and on, so if you're going to CES, PLEASE visit the wiki - it's your wiki as they say - and toss your name down as a yes, and be sure to add any special talents, gadgets, or gizmos you might be bringing, your choice for a venu, and/or the suggested occupancy of your rental car.

Want to learn to swallow fire? Uncover the secrets of Doc's pool? Find out the difference between Web2.0 and Jello(R) brand geletin? These are some of the many questions that just might be answered at CESCamp 2006!

I've been writing a lot about business, I know, and some of you are verklempt about that, as you tell me in mail, but i really think I can make a go of this write about business FROM who you are, not just write about business-as-usual-as-usual, so if clients are nervous about that, well then, don't be, or do be, or do bee a do bee. I assure them that everyone who comes here is a trusted friend. (heee.)

Worst comes to worst I start a 40033th blog to further segment the dimensions of myself into categories that the mainstream blogworld appreciates. Or you all tell me fah! and go away. Or is it Bah? Feh? I'm not sure. All my bass are belong to you.

IN other business personal news, we're soft launching a blog for ElimiTaste Gum's Matt Willer, who is a funny smart CEO of an indiegum company in an industry famous for the Juicy Fruit Blog, so I'm pretty sure that we'll be raising the bar over at Matt and ElimiTaste have been friends-of-bloggers for longer than it's been cool, sending free gum and gas money just because. Gonzo is as gonzo does.

Does it seem like I have my head all over the net?

Yes. And on the homefront too.

Jenna said to me today: "Mom, what's wrong with your skulp!?" Meaning my skull. Or scalp. I wasn't sure and I'm still not if she was referring to the far and distant look in my eye, or the head scratching (okay hair pulling) I've become prone to these last several weeks.

What is wrong with my skulp?

In other news, if you're an Atlanta-area blogger and you have a penchant to be on the blogads network, could you email me? I'm setting up an Atlanta mini-network, starting small, and I don't have much ooomph -- only a couple of invites -- but heck if my inbox is inundated with a rush of Atlanta bloggers who display that "Every Day Is An Opening Day" (alternatively, "the city too busy to hate") spirit, we'll do something interesting, start SXSE or something, get sued, throw down some R&B, fusion, and old school funk as a challenge to this alternative rock and whooptiedoo stuff we're sure to be hearing in Austin (appologies to all 8,003 musicians performing at sxsw).

You know. Most anything's possible.

[[Update--I forgot to include 'Jeneane's short-cut, not-thrifty, for people IMing with albert all the time' chicken soup recipe! Okay, ready? This is for a BIG batch in a stock pot. First, you get four cans of chicken broth, cut up carrots, parsnips that you dice kind of like the carrots, and chopped celery, or if you don't work with albert, cut it up yourself. You buy two of those roasted chickens that they have on sale at Target (one of the Targets with food) for like $4.00 each sometimes), and either 1 big package of egg noodles or 2 packages of cheese tortollini. You take it all home. Chop what needs chopping. Put the broth, plus the same amount again of hot water into a stock pot, add the veggies and start it to boiling. I add salt at this point. I like salt. I make no appology. Next, debone all that roasted chicken, and after about a half hour of a slow-rolling boil, throw it in the pot too, except save a couple wings here and a couple of legs there for another whole chicken dinner (that's what your used coolwhip containers are for). Let it simmer for an hour or so, til vegetables are tender. Toward the end, boil your noodles or tortollini in a separate pot, drain, and throw in for the last 10 - 15 minutes. Turn it off, put some in a bowl, and eat it until you are completely sick of it. Don't give any away. Just keep eating it. Freeze what you can't eat.]]

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