December 31, 2005

Musick: Laughing Interview

George has been laughing over this video for nearly a month now, so it's about time he posted it. Go have yourself a merry little chuckle...I sent it to Michael OCC because it had his name written all over it.

And if you know WTF they're talking about, that would really wrap up 2005 nicely for my husband. Who's still laughing. A month later.


Anonymous said...

Thoogh from Greenland am I and not best is my Icelandic what is it they talk about is how is it to be with disease of larynx

Anonymous said...

this video is taken from a show called Boemerang which goes on air in Iceland. the guy was fired from his job and he now works as a radio dj. you can view the full video and the guys interview here: