December 29, 2005

Supply and Demand and $500/night.

The CES Blog 2006 verifies the rather, uh, hefty hotel room prices for CES-goers who who didn't "plan ahead." Can anyone really plan ahead these days? I can't plan twenty-two seconds ahead. There's the model though: build around the unplanned.
Still OUCH!
Delegates who haven't yet arranged for lodging should expect to spend more than $350 for a hotel room, as a simple search on one of the major travel websites show (Eg: Travelocity or Expedia – I boycott Orbitz because they are inaccurate, consistently showing low rates that upon booking turn out to be sold out).
The 3.5-star Hilton, conveniently located next to the Las Vegas Convention Centre where CES will be headquartered, charges a hefty $499 for a Thursday night stay. The 2-star Howard Johnson outbids them with $534. Most other hotels are simply sold out.
Get thee to the wiki if you have any deals, options, or bathtubs to offer.
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