December 27, 2005

Albert on Web 2.0

Using Firefox's new on-the-fly blog commenting feature -- where I saw Albert joined the Web 2.0 discussion with some good thoughts.

On a sort of the same topic, every time I make a mistake and open a program that has IE associated with it (i think it was one of my photo preview thingys), it asks me so FAST if I want IE to be my default browser (No I don't but I click too FAST and then it is again even though i thought I uninstalled it), that BOOM, there's IE always opening again. That shit should be illegal. Don't hijack me with a dialog box like that.Anyway, this is what I was meaning about being free from menus. This little Firefox "Add Comment" box stealthly opens when you visit a page and you can see who's commented on it.

How sweet is that?

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