December 31, 2005

Firefox and IE - room for both?

I'm back to using firefox as my default browser, and holy crap is THIS what happens when you have an open API? I mean, is this the open source thing at work--because you should SEE number of little add-on applets or extensions or whatever you want to call these plugin thngs that are available for Firefox. It's changing the way I work. No lie. It makes writing, referencing, reading, all of that 100 times faster and easier. And it's like--uh--free. And the best part for me, because here is where open source software has always sent me running, it takes like zero knowledge to install the things. You just double click them, at least the ones I'm using, and they go sit where they're supposed to sit, waiting for you to use them.
So, it's not like firefox is the web 2.0-ey thing, right, it's like all of these little plugins and addons that come from hell i don't even know where, I just run into someone taking about Gresemonkey on one blog, then about the web comment plugin (do you HAVE this thing? GET this thing--it's like having Technorati on a postage stamp) on another blog, and somewhere I heard about Fire FTP (which I have to say doesn't excite me as much as IE's innate FTP ability does, but it's easy and free), and all kinds of little treats.
I'm like a puppy with a box of multi-flavored milkbones. DAMN!
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1 comment:

Anne Zelenka said...

Amen. I finally started using Firefox 1.5 this week and I love it. The Performancing extension really boosts my blogging productivity. I haven't tried the other ones you mention yet but that commenting one sounds interesting.

And it's just amazing how easy they are to install. Last week I got the Apache web server and MySQL running on my PC--that's what I expect when installing open source tools--misery and pain!