December 26, 2005

Free Me from the Desktop Too.

Thanks to Om Malik for giving us a stocking full of goodies tonight, including a link to Zoho Writer, YUMMY! I've used Writely, and I have to say, web-based word processors (antiquated term but smart positioning against MS from Zoho) are more in line with what I was asking for in my plea to be free from menus. Free me from menus, free me from the desktop. These fastcos will get to dynamic language-based features before MicroSoft will. It's a given.

With Zoho Writer joining Writely, easily accessible through Firefox, MicroSoft is losing another important foothold on the desktop--especially considering MS Word hasn't done anything new of note in--oh, a couple of years now?

As a writer, I'm like a kid on summer vacation using these tools with my colleagues on the outside. Inside the enterpise, barriers to change are always higher. For how long though?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne,

Thanks a lot for trying out Zoho Writer & for mentioning it in your blog.

Do continue using Zoho Writer & mail your comments to feedback(at)zohowriter(dot)com.